Using and Understanding Statistical Information

The following resources might be useful in understanding key economic data and using statistics.

Graphs and Graphing

Chart Pack

A collection of graphs on the Australian Economy and Financial Markets.
Released on 7 February 2018 (data updated to 1 February 2018).

Pitfalls of Statistical Presentation 772KB

11 October 1988
SA Grenville and IJ Macfarlane

Paper presented to the 17th SEANZA Central Banking Course


Economic Activity

Interest Rates

Exchange Rates

Economic Forecasting

Estimates of Uncertainty around the RBA's Forecasts

November 2012
Peter Tulip and Stephanie Wallace

On the Use of Forecasts – Sydney

24 November 2011
Glenn Stevens, Governor

Forecasting in an Uncertain WorldSydney

8 December 2010
Philip Lowe, Assistant Governor (Economic)

19 August 1999
Glenn Stevens, Assistant Governor (Economic)