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The RBA Securitisations Industry Forum has been set up to facilitate communication between the RBA and information providers to help ensure a smooth transition to the RBA's new repo eligibility criteria for asset-backed securities.

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Notification of Validation Rules update

Updates to the validation rules will be applied to the Securitisation System effective Thursday, 1 December 2016.

Information regarding the activation of validation rules can be viewed from the Securitisation System Active Rules document located in Validation Rules section of the Securitisation Industry Forum.

Any queries on the above process should be directed to the Securitisation Support Centre.

Notification of Update to Technical Notes for Domestic Market Operations

The Technical Notes for Domestic Market Operations have been updated effective Monday, 14 November 2016.

The Eligible Securities web page now includes information about the status of outstanding repo eligibility applications and securities that have been made ineligible for failing to comply with the mandatory reporting requirements for asset-backed securities (see Outstanding Repo Eligibility Applications and Ineligible Securities).

Repo eligibility will only be assessed by the Reserve Bank once all of the required documentation has been provided, including a Deal Data Registration and Amendment Form.

Queries on the status of outstanding applications and ineligible securities should be directed to FM Eligible Securities at Eligible_Securities@rba.gov.au.