Council of Financial Regulators Annual Report – 2002 Appendix E

Speeches and Articles of Council Members

Copies of the following speeches and articles are published on the Internet site or available from the Information Office of the relevant agency – see page 28.

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Carmichael, J., APRA – The Way Forward, Speech to CEDA luncheon, 26 November 2002.

Coleman, A.D.F., N. Esho and I.G. Sharpe, Do Bank Characteristics Influence Loan Contract Terms?, APRA Working Paper, February 2002.

Esho, N. and A. Liaw, Should the Capital Requirement on Housing Lending be Reduced? Evidence from Australian Banks, APRA Working Paper, June 2002.

Karp, T., Regulatory Outlook Twelve Months On, ICA Conference, 12 September 2002.

Karp, T., Dynamic Solvency Testing Models, IAIS Annual Conference, Chile, 10 October 2002.

Littrell, C.W., Safety in Australian Superannuation, NSW Division ASFA Luncheon Seminar, 29 August 2002.

Littrell, C.W., APRA Focus on Super Regulation, ASFA Conference, 13 November 2002.

Littrell, C.W., Address to the Sustainable Governance Conference, 26 November 2002.

Littrell, C.W., General Insurance Regulation: The Australian Experience, Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, 2 December 2002.

Roberts, D., General Insurance Reform, Insurance in Crisis – Seminar,

Roberts, D., APRA and Regulatory Compliance, ACPA/PwC Seminar, 17 September 2002.

Roberts, D., Compliance, Risk and the Board, 6th Annual ACPA Conference, 15 November 2002.

Thompson, G.J., On APRA's Plate, National Council Dinner of the Trustee Corporations

Thompson, G.J., Topical Issues in APRA's Patch, Securities Institute Luncheon, 8 May

Thompson, G.J., Prudential Supervision of General Insurance – What Next?, ICA

Thompson, G.J., General Insurance Industry – The Supervisor's Perspective, Insurance Summit 2002, 29 November 2002.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Collier. B., ASIC's Perspective of Current Insolvencies and the Role of the Insolvency Practitioner, Insolvency Practitioners Association of Australia (WA Division), 20 March 2002.

Collier. B., Risk and Responsibility, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CA Conference, 27 April 2002.

Collier. B., Trans Tasman Perspectives on Select Issues of Financing Stock and Debtors: Australian Perspectives, 19th Annual Banking and Financial Services Law Conference, 6 June 2002.

Collier. B., The Role of ASIC in Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance Summit 2002, 27 November 2002.

Johnston. I., FSR Seven Months On, NIBA Conference, October 2002.

Johnston. I., Licensing for Financial Service Intermediaries, IBNA Conference, September 2002.

Johnston. I., The New FSR Disclosure Regime – Likely Impacts on our Industry, Financial Planning Association Principal Members and CFP Conference, 10 May 2002.

Knott, D.W., Protecting the Investor: The Regulator and Audit, CPA Congress 2002 Conference, 15 May 2002.

Knott, D.W., Corporate Governance – Principles, Promotion and Practice, Monash Governance Research Unit, 16 July 2002.

Knott, D.W., Changing Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation Industry, AFSA Luncheon, 25 September 2002.

Knott, D.W., The Regulatory Perspective, International Accounting Standards Board World Standard Setters' Conference, Hong Kong, 18 November 2002.

Mackintosh. I., Auditors and Audit Committees – a Regulator's View, Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation, 28 May 2002.

Rodgers. M., e-Finance: Trends and Regulatory Responses, Monetary Authority of Singapore's Capital Markets Seminar, May 2002.

Segal, J., Financial Services Reform Act 2001 – Challenges for ASIC, Committee for Economic Development of Australia FSRB (CLERP 6) Series, 28 February 2002.

Segal, J., Current Areas of Concern to ASIC Regarding Corporate Disclosure, Australasian Investor Relations Association, Corporate Disclosure Practices, 20 March 2002.

Segal, J., Market Demutualisation and Cross Border Alliances: the Australian Experience, Fourth Roundtable on Capital Market Reform in Asia, Tokyo, April 2002.

Segal, J., The Role of the CFO in Corporate Governance, Financial Executives International Luncheon, 3 May 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia

Battellino, R., Why do so Many Australian Borrowers Issue Bonds Offshore?, Talk to Australian Credit Forum 2002, 26 November 2002.

Edey, M., The Global Economic Scene, Talk to the Australia-Japan Business Outlook Conference 2002, 22 August 2002.

Laker, J.F., The Reserve Bank and Financial Stability, Talk to the Trustee Corporations Association of Australia's National Council Conference, 27 March 2002.

Macfarlane, I., Monetary Policy in an Uncertain World, Talk to CEDA Annual General Meeting Dinner, 13 November 2002.

Macfarlane, I., What Does Good Monetary Policy Look Like?, 12th Colin Clark Memorial Lecture, 21 August 2002.

Stevens, G., Inflation, Deflation and All That, Address to Australian Business Economists 2002 Forecasting Conference Dinner, 4 December 2002.

Stevens, G., International Economic and Financial Issues: An RBA Perspective, Address to Australian Banking & Finance News Magazine Asia Australia Investment Conference & Expo, 16 May 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Recent Developments in Small Business Finance, January 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Australian Financial Markets, June 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, The Private Equity Market in Australia, June 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Recent Developments in Housing: Prices, Finance and Investor Attitudes, July 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Australia's Foreign Currency Exposure and Hedging Practices, August 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Recent Proposals for Reform of Sovereign Debt Restructuring, August 2002.

Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, Innovations in the Provision of Finance for Investor Housing, December 2002.