RBA Annual Report Snapshot 2019


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Employee numbers

1,378 employees working across 12 locations.

Speeches and presentations

State offices held over 750 liasion meetings. Senior officers gave around 50 speeches.

Education section

Staff gave presentations to over 7,000 students.

Policy decisions

Reserve Bank Board meetings
Statements on Monetary Policy
Financial Stability Reviews

Foreign currency assets

Balance sheet of $182 billion. Net foreign currency assets of US $34.7 billion.

Australian Government Earnings

Earnings of $1.7 billion paid to the Australian Government.

Payment Settlements

Settled payments worth $199 billion on average between financial institutions each day.

Government payments

312 million payments totalling $558 billion for the Australian Government.


1.6 billion banknotes worth $80 billion. Launched the new $50 banknote.