Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1997 Reserve Bank Board

IJ Macfarlane

Photograph of IJ Macfarlane, Chairman

Governor since 18 September 1996
Present term expires 17 September 2003

SA Grenville

Photograph of SA Grenville

Deputy Governor since 1 December 1996
Present term expires 30 November 2001

GJ Thompson

Photograph of GJ Thompson

Deputy Governor since 8 February 1993
Present term expires 7 February 2000

EA Evans

Photograph of EA Evans

Secretary to the Treasury
Member since 10 May 1993

JL Holmes à Court, AO

Photograph of JL Holmes à Court, AO

Member since
19 August 1992
Present term expires
18 August 1997
Heytesbury Pty Ltd

AR Jackson, AO

Photograph of AR Jackson, AO

Member since 29 January 1991
Present term expires 28 January 2001
Chairman, Australian Trade Commission
Chairman and Chief Executive, Austrim Limited

S Lew

Photograph of S Lew

Member since 19 August 1992
Present term expires 18 August 1997
Director, Coles Myer Ltd

FP Lowy, AO

Photograph of FP Lowy, AO

Member since 27 June 1995
Present term expires 26 June 2000
Chairman, Westfield Holdings Limited

HM Morgan, AO

Photograph of HM Morgan, AO

Member since 14 August 1996
Present term expires 28 July 2002
Managing Director, WMC Limited

AR Pagan

Photograph of AR Pagan

Member since 29 November 1995
Present term expires 28 November 2000
Professor of Economics, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University

RFE Warburton

Photograph of RFE Warburton

Member since 22 December 1992
Present term expires 21 December 1997
Chairman, Wool International

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is chaired by SA Grenville; other members are JL Holmes à Court and two executives of the Bank – LJ Austin, Assistant Governor (Financial Institutions) and GH Board, Assistant Governor (Business Services).