Conference – 1991 The Deregulation of Financial Intermediaries 20–21 June 1991

1991 Cover

A range of prominent international and Australian academic and policy economists participated in the 1991 conference. Three papers for the conference were written by Bank economists; two from Economic Group, and one from Financial Institutions Group. Three respected international economists also participated in the conference, with Al Wojnilower from First Boston Asset Management Corporation, Joseph Bisignano from the Bank of International Settlements and Ed Kane from The Ohio State University all making contributions. Australian economists in the academic and private sectors were responsible for the four remaining papers.


  • Introduction
    Ian Macfarlane, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • The Evolution of Financial Deregulation
    Stephen Grenville, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • What the Campbell Committee Expected
    Tom Valentine, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Bank Deregulation in Australia: Choice and Diversity, Gainers and Losers
    Ian Harper, The University of Melbourne
  • Competition: Profitability and Margins
    Les Phelps, Baring Securities (Australia) Limited
  • Prudential Supervision
    Graeme Thompson, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Banking Deregulation – a Virtue or a Necessity?
    Rob Ferguson, Bankers Trust Australia Limited
  • The Lessons for Monetary Policy
    Ian Macfarlane, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Some Principles of Financial Deregulation: Lessons from the United States
    Al Wojnilower, First Boston Asset Management Corporation
  • Regulatory Competition and the "Generic" Financial-Services Firm
    Ed Kane, The Ohio State University
  • European Financial Deregulation: The Pressures for Change and the Costs of Achievement
    Joseph Bisignano, Bank for International Settlements