Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays observed in New South Wales.

Latest Exchange Rates

Units of Foreign Currencies per Australian Dollar
28 Sep 2020 29 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2020
United States dollar0.70490.70840.7108
Chinese renminbi4.81244.83364.8425
Japanese yen74.2374.7974.99
European euro0.60620.60690.6058
South Korean won826.95828.23831.35
Singapore dollar0.97020.97190.9735
New Zealand dollar1.07601.07911.0801
UK pound sterling0.55190.55080.5538
Malaysian ringgit2.93942.95012.9559
Thai baht22.3722.4722.52
Indonesian rupiah105071055210584
Indian rupee51.8852.3152.45
New Taiwan dollar20.5420.5620.61
Vietnamese dong163461642316478
Hong Kong dollar5.46305.49025.5088
Papua New Guinea kina2.46472.47692.4853
Swiss franc0.65490.65480.6546
United Arab Emirates dirham2.58872.60162.6104
Canadian dollar0.94350.94760.9533
Trade-weighted Index (4pm)60.360.660.7
Special Drawing Right0.50220.50360.5051