Financial Aggregates December 2018

Release date: 31 January 2019
Financial Aggregates
Percentage change
Monthly Year-ended
Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Dec 2017 Dec 2018
Total credit 0.3 0.2   4.8 4.3
– Housing 0.3 0.3   6.3 4.7
– Personal −0.3 −0.4   −1.1 −2.0
– Business 0.5 0.3   3.1 4.8
Broad money 0.0 0.0   4.6 2.4

Sources: ABS; APRA; RBA

All growth rates for the financial aggregates are seasonally adjusted, and adjusted for the effects of breaks in the series as recorded in the notes to the tables listed below. Data for the levels of financial aggregates are not adjusted for series breaks. Historical levels and growth rates for the financial aggregates have been revised owing to the resubmission of data by some financial intermediaries, the re-estimation of seasonal factors and the incorporation of securitisation data. The RBA credit aggregates measure credit provided by financial institutions operating domestically. They do not capture cross-border or non-intermediated lending.